Monday, May 19, 2008

Borrowed this from Leona's blog since I'm too lazy to write anything new today.
Thanks Leona!

The Childhood Survey
How far back can you remember your childhood (how old)?:
2 years old---I know this because the memory involves a little pink silk jacket I wore and I outgrew it at 3--also Mom used to tell people no one believed I was so young because I talked so well
Who would you say had the biggest part in raising you?: Mom, Dad traveled most of my childhood
Name 3 of your favorite childhood toys.: Dolls, a little plastic farm set and blocks
What was your favorite Disney movie?:
So many to choose but I adored, "101 Dalmations."
Favorite cartoon?: The Flintstones
Were your parents together for most of your childhood?:
Were you an only child?:
Where did you live at the age of 4? Cincinnati, Ohio--the inner city
Where were you born?:
Cincinnati, Ohio
Do you know how much you weighed at birth?: Six pounds and something
What was your first word?: Dada
How old were you when you took your first steps?: Early
Were you a mama or dady's girl/boy?: Mama's girl

Did you know all of your grandparents?: No, just Mom's
Ever get spanked?: Yes
What elementary school/schools did you attend?: Holy Family, Saint Anne's, Corpus Christi, Pleasant Run Jr. High
Did you ride the bus?: Sometimes

Did you take your lunch to school or eat cafeteria food?: Both
Who was your favorite elementary school teacher?: Mrs. Springer
What kind of names did you have for your grandparents This was always a source of embarrassment to me who wanted a normal grandparently name like Grandma or Grandpa. We called Mom's Dad, Hocty and Mom's Mom, Nin or as the little kids called her, Ninny. Isn't that awful? Grandma decided she was too young to a grandmother so came up with the name of Ninmother. Well, none of us kids could get out that mouthful and it was shortened. Grandpa's name was Hector Stephen and my grandma insisted we call him Hector. Most of the neighbors thought his name was Hoddy. I have no idea why.
How old were your parents when you were born?: 22 and 25
Were you named after anyone?: Yes, the Madonna and my grandmother, Alice
What was your favorite candy?: Good and Plenty
Favorite board/card game?: Clue, Monopoly, Life
Did you have an imaginary friend?: Just characters in my mind
Were you very close with your family, other than immediate?: Yes. Two of my aunts and the cousins were all close.
Who was your best childhood friend?: Kitty McCarthy, of course!
What kind of neighborhood did you live in?: City neighborhood until 2nd grade then in a subdivision in the works
Did you ever go to day care? No, we never heard the word
Ever go to summer camp?: Girl Scout Day camp
Are you still good friends with anyone you grew up with?: Kitty and I are still close.
What did you want to be when you grew up?: A writer
Would you say you were spoiled?:
Can I take the Fifth?
What were you scared of the most as a child?: Dark, night
What's your favorite childhood memory?: Hm, lots of those--moving into our new house and not having to rent, playing with my dolls, summer and being able to read as much as I wanted, finding the Little House books at the library, going for ice cream on summer nights and I guess my absolute favorite was on summer evenings when we'd go to the drive in to see a movie.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Or Maybe Not ----

Well, I thought spring had arrived but now I'm not sure. We actually had frost warnings the other night. Had to rush home and cover my pink and deep rose azaleas. The weather never dipped down low enough to kill or maim any plants, but I'm sure it gave the weatherman lots of exciting news to talk about.

The last few days have wavered between sun and warmth to cold and rainy. Today started out warm and cloudy, went to sun and then back to a cold, damp drizzle. A little while ago I looked out to a glorious sunset. Go figure.

This has been a topsy turvey day in more ways than one. The boys and I got a late start to Leaves this morning. We had to wait for the bank to open so we'd have money for gas. Got on our way in time for their second class, stopped for the gas and then----grrr, grrrr, grrrr. The car wouldn't start. This has been a long month for my current car. It's had the starter replaced twice, died too frequently in unexpected places and been towed home three times. Thankfully, my brother and nephew both own tow trucks. My brother in law happened to notice a part broken in the engine and I had great hopes it could be replaced. Now, we aren't sure. So I may be faced with having to find another used car. I had hoped to have this car last the last weeks of school so who knows? I'm tired of thinking about it tonight. As Scarlett O'Hara was found of saying, "After all, tomorrow is another day."

I'm so looking forward to the summer when I don't have to go anywhere on a regular schedule. (Well, there are always some things but not as regular as school.) The last few months have played havoc with my writing schedule or lack therof. When I look back, I can't point to many things that I've been able to finish completely. That has to change because I have several deadlines coming up.

The student newspaper my Scribes group is sponsoring is nearing the finish line. Tonight I took some of the student's papers and cut out excerpts of reviews for the class play. Helped Miah write his short article on the Knights' club and typed up a review of a field trip. We will have a meeting on Sunday to co-ordinate with the wonderful lady who is going to do all the layout, etc. Two more articles came in by email tonight so it really is coming together. On Sunday I'll have to scurry around to pin down a couple of adults who also promised to write short tidbits for the paper. Next year---the students do their own paper!

With a deadline fast approaching for the Delacorte contest, I need to finish my mid-grade mystery. I'm taking votes on which would be the better title. You can chose from Snipped in the Bud or Summer Snow. This is a gardening mystery for kids and involves the theft of roses. The theme is getting along with someone you really don't like.
I had the idea to maybe do a series (although it's just in the planning stages) called "A Garden of Mysteries," using gardening as a theme to tie in each book.

It also looks like I will be working more on the ms. that finaled in the Genesis contest. Am not allowed to share the title, so please refrain from mentioning it if you comment. It's in the rules that it shouldn't be mentioned in a public formum. Am not sure how public this blog can be---but I want to stay within the rules! :)

Had the thought tonight that quite a few things haven't gone well in my life lately. None that I care to write about. Everyone has problems, some worse than mine. But this evening two of my little great nieces came by (while my nephew towed the car for the third time) and we sat out on the porch. It was windy, drizzly, etc. but their smiles were so sweet. We looked out at the tulips and Stephi asked me who planted them. Before I could answer she said, "I guess God planted them for you. He likes to do stuff like that."

You know, she's right. I know who planted the tulips, but I also know who CREATED tulips. As long as I have God in my corner, it doesn't matter what happens around me. Just the thought is like wrapping up in a warm, cozy quilt. Quite a nice thing to imagine tonight. Hope you have similar assurances of His love tonight.