Catholic? Take a Look

I'm addicted! It's true, I've discovered a new way to make rosaries and it's addicting! So far I'm up to number four in my quest to make the perfect knotted rosary.

What is a knotted rosary you may ask? Simple - it's a rosary made entirely out of cord, yarn, or thread - even the cross at the end. Someone at church asked me if I could make a knotted rosary. Thinking it was similar to making the knots between the beads on a beaded rosary I said, "sure."  Um, just for the record it's a little different.

The instructions that were given to me seem to have been written in Greek. I couldn't make any sense of them at all. So, I did what seemed easy - went to You Tube. Would you believe there are videos of how to make a knotted (or corded) rosary? Sure enough!  I found one that was very simple and easy to understand.  If I get the man's permission, I will post a link here.

The only difference I'd suggest if using this video is that instead of 20 feet of cord, I cut back to 14 feet. You could add a little more if you make the Our Father beads 4 twists instead of 3 - but you really get a lot of waste if you use 20 feet.

This is so much fun and can be done while watching tv or listening to something.  I'm thinking of getting some colored cord so I can make colors other than white.

Why not try it? With Lent coming up it would be a great activity for a family at night. Think of the person who will eventually use the rosary and all the prayers that will be said on it.    

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