Friday, December 09, 2016

Welcome to the Canoples Investigations Exposes Space Dodger release tour. This is the third novel and fourth story in this series. Strap on your restraints and be ready for an exciting ride… oh, once you have the book in hand, you will discover there’s a special added attraction—the first chapter of Secret Society: A Canoples Investigations Novella! Blurb There’s a carnival on the station, with all kinds of “legally” cloned animals, more than a few zero-G acrobats, and miniature clowns. BD’s ever present suspicious mind latches onto one thing when the advance team for Galactic Carnival arrives to begin preparations for a weeklong visit. The ringmaster looks familiar, but the man swears that he has never been to Canoples Station before. Even worse, children five and under are disappearing. A bit of investigating on BD’s part clues him in to the fact this has happened on every station Galactic Carnival has visited so far. He’s determined to uncover the true identity of the ringmaster and solve the mystery of the missing children, but at what cost. Is BD willing to lose his lifelong friends to solve this case? Will they prove Jenna Rock, Wade’s girlfriend, isn’t involved?
About K.C. Sprayberry Born and raised in Southern California’s Los Angeles basin, K.C. Sprayberry spent years traveling the United States and Europe while in the Air Force before settling in northwest Georgia. A new empty nester with her husband of more than twenty years, she spends her days figuring out new ways to torment her characters and coming up with innovative tales from the South and beyond. She’s a multi-genre author who comes up with ideas from the strangest sources. Those who know her best will tell you that nothing is safe or sacred when she is observing real life. In fact, she considers any situation she witnesses as fair game when plotting a new story.
Excerpt “Are you ready to put on the ring?” I ask. Our agreement the day she accepted my proposal was that she would have me slide the ring on her finger in public, but only after she packed away everything that identified her as Jenna Rock and became Mildred Casey full time. “Nearly.” She stares at me with love in her eyes. “As soon as we finish this job, Wade. The very minute this one is over.” The joy in my heart is almost more than I can bear. For so long, I’ve worried that a crazed fan will attempt to kidnap her, to hide her from the galaxy. Or that she’ll be injured when a crowd rushes the stage while she’s performing. Mildred isn’t the persona she portrays as Jenna Rock. My girl has a heart as big as Saturn. She cares for small children above all else. My Mildred will put her life on the line for a child in trouble. That scares me more than I will ever admit. “I’ll make sure this case is completed as quickly as possible,” I promise. “We’ll be married as soon as I can make it happen.” “Thank you.” Her bright smile gives me hope for a less troubled future, one where we have sons and daughters to worry about raising rather than constant problems. Even with the circus disembarking all around us, even with the case she brought to me and Chief Pelham about to take us into another troubling investigation, I know that Mildred and I have a future before us that won’t have us seeing each other where no one can discover who she truly is. Thanks to all her care and caution, we’ll both transition easily to a normal couple of the Twelve Stations. Interview with the Author Do you ever ask your husband for advice? Yes, and he’s honest in his opinions. That’s what is so great about our relationship. We can tell each other the truth, even if it hurts, and we don’t get angry. We discuss what the issue is, especially when it comes to a tough plot point, and he sends me in the right direction. Please tell us about yourself (family, hobbies, education, etc.) My husband and I blended our families twenty-three years ago. I’m mom to eight and grandma to eleven, with number twelve to arrive soon. I love writing, obviously, cross stitching and embroidery, photography and seeing the seasons turn. Although I did begin college, I left to join the Air Force and spent eleven years with the military. Since then, I’ve focused on my family and writing. Have you experienced writer's block? If so, how did you work through it? I occasionally have trouble with writer’s block. Then it’s numerous games of electronic Mah Jong until the problem resolves itself. What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer? Being able to bring my stories to life. Interview with Wade Bradford What do you like about yourself? I’m very focused on my job but have also found the love of my life. We aren’t always together but our reunions are sweet and memorable. One day, I’d love to marry Mildred and begin a family, but that won’t happen until she decides to retire Jenna Rock What don’t you like about yourself? That I feel I always have to be the saner head. There are times when I envy my younger brother, his ability to do what he sees is right without considering the rules or if he’ll get hurt. While his lack of sense irritates me, I can’t help but admire his willingness to put himself in danger to help others. What do you find most relaxing? (not stress relief, but something that actually calms you down.) Being with Mildred. She always manages to tame the uneasiness I feel whenever things aren’t under control. When I’m with her, it’s as if the galaxy’s problems don’t affect me. Social Media Links Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Website: Goodreads: Amazon: Google +: Pinterest: Manic Readers: AUTHORSdB:

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