Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snowman Season

I love snowmen! Today on the way home I had to stop at the Dollar Store. Naturally I had to check out the Christmas display and found myself another snowman mug. The kids know I can never resist buying anything with a snowman on it. They have more snowmen mugs, plates, bowls and fuzzies than they can count. Pretty funny when you consider the fact that I don't like snow, cold or winter. It's inconsistent, but I love snowmen. Cute. Funny. Fluffy. Sometimes sad.

Yesterday I had planned a block of writing time. If I got up early enough, I'd have two to three hours of free time while the kids watched Saturday morning cartoons. It began well enough. Fixed myself a thermos of hot tea, fired up the laptop, even LIT a candle (apple orchard.) Managed to work on my middle grade book doing edits to the third chapter. My mistake was probably in going downstairs. Turned out if we were going to make it to the holiday parade on time, we needed to eat. In order to eat, someone had to go shopping. Thankfully, it wasn't me, but I had to supervise the kids.

The shoppers came home. I cooked tacos. Whenever Jenny visits, it has to be tacos on Saturday. We ate. Decided against going to the holiday parade and I ran upstairs for another hour of work. Since edits didn't really "count" as "real" writing, I started to work on worksheets I'd printed out for my mystery book.

Managed two before Emma came. It was a lovely, warm day so we went outside. I sat on the porch steps and "thought" writing. Probably should have done it with a pen and notebook in hand, but Emma was too active. She's 14 months now. After we came in, I showed her a snowman in a water globe---the kind you shake to make a snowstorm. She seemed quite taken with it and even managed to shake it herself.

Tomorrow it's back to work after a week. Need to focus and start writing again.


CJ said...

Composting is just as important as the actual writing.

Snowmen are fun though I'm glad I don't have to stand out in a frozen yard. On the other hand, wouldn't it be wonderful to lose weight with warm temps. and sunshine?

Erica Vetsch said...

I too love snowmen. And, yes, I'm working on the 1000 words. :)

Janny said...


I love snow! Can't wait for tons of it to descend upon us...

And I love that you're enjoying the Catholic Writer Chick blog! I would have e-mailed you, but alas, there's no e-mail addy that I can see here's your thanks. I posted again this morning, and will post more often now that I know at least a couple of you are looking foward to it. Spread the word!

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

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