Friday, April 04, 2008

Playing Catch up

It's been so long since I've written anything on this blog that I find myself dreading the idea. There were plenty of opportunities and stories I should have blogged but didn't. I somehow got out of sync with my writing and everything when I took a week off before Easter. My goal then was to clean the house, eliminate clutter and get everything organized so that I could go back to my routine with ease. Instead, I ended up doing the bare minimum of cleaning while eating yogurt to settle tummy troubles. Everything seemed to spin out of control when my brother invited us to eat at Ryan's buffet on Palm Sunday. I think I got some kind of food poisoning or some disgusting something. Thankfully, I never got really ill. Between the cleaning I did a lot of cross stitching and some reading.

Since the holiday, I've been slowly working myself back into a routine. My writing has gone downhill and I'm having to force myself into my old work ethic. It's been hard to feel motivated. But, I'm happy to say I'm getting the flow back.

Today, I actually took the laptop to the library for the first time in over a month. My plan was to work through the whole completed file of "Cattle Rustler." I'd see what worked, what didn't, and ease in the crits from friends. The plan worked fine to a point. I sat down in my hidden cubby, frowned at a teenager who kept coming to see if I'd left (apparently, others like the hidden space too) and set my sights on reading through as much of the ms. as I could in my allotted time. Breezing along, I got through three chapters when I realized that I'd gone as far as I could go. Apparently, I'd copied the smaller file onto my disk instead of the whole book. Darn! Foiled again.
Guess now I've got my Saturday work cut out for me. I'm determined that by the end of April I will have this book in one file and will have written the last chapter. It will go in a completed file and on a disk.
And somehow, despite my best intentions, I've signed up to help judge another writing contest. It's not that I'm bored or anything. I don't have time to be bored. There must be another reason that I keep adding on things before I've finished other things. There's probably a word for that but I'm too tired to look it up.


Peaches said...

My oft-repeated and always ignored advice, (usually to the House Elf), is NOT to burn the candle at both ends!! Of course, I've been guilty of that very thing, but in retirement I've grown mellow. So, good luck with all your projects--and take a little time just for YOU!

Leona said...

What she said (peaches)! I've been guilty of trying to keep things going, and going and going...and got sick because of it..Don't work..well not for me anyway! Good luck with your projects, I know you'll do well! (Yes, I'm back after a long absence..Hope not to stay away so long again!)

Livvie said...

Oh are you?!? I haven't heard from you in eons!


nlindabrit said...

I just call you wonder woman! I have NO idea how you get so much done, you are a marvel, my friend.