Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Okay - I finally figured out a few things and have a new blog template. It looks a bit more professional now. Still have to fix a few colors and fonts but it's looking pretty darned good. Especially since I'm the one that had to figure it out. (With lots of help from friends! Thanks, Leona, Sharon, Tiffany, Sheri, Nike and Diana for your expert advice.) It might take me awhile, but eventually this will be a nice place to visit. Maybe I'll even dust the furniture once in awhile. :)

Am still working on spacing, etc. but am slowly getting the hang of it all. Managed to get my blog list where I wanted it on the page today. It always helps to read the "destructions" as my niece, Justi, used to say. Now I am adding blogs and happy to see that the nifty little thingy inside my pc is adding them in alphabetical order. Can't do many at a time as I'm supposed to be working this morning.

Yesterday was a momenteous day! Got a box of books from Gryphon House with my author's copies of The Giant Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans. Had five unit studies/activities in the book. Miah and I went through and found all the ones with my name. It's a great feeling knowing preschoolers will be using MY ideas to learn something about Laura Ingalls Wilder, cowboys, birds, circles and ---hm, forgot the last one! The check will pay for new glasses. Will have to take a photo of the book and post it here.

My new job is working out well so far. It always amazes me that people are willing to PAY me to WRITE.

Back to work -


Leona said...

Looking good, Donna! And congrats on being a paid writer! A good writer deserves to be paid!

nlindabrit said...

The blog is looking terrific now! How proud you must be to see all your hard work out there in print!