Monday, September 01, 2008

It's September

Where did the summer go? Seems like it was just June with long, lazy days stretching ahead. Now the season is sliding headlong into winter and I am not ready. I'm glad fall lasts awhile around here.

Today is September 1st which means another page of "Cookies and Milk." Check out the latest at I wrote a short piece on all the reasons to celebrate September.

This is also Fair Week. All the schools in the county are off for a week. The boys and I spent Saturday decorating cookies and cupcakes. Jarrod got up early today to finish baking chocolate chip cookies to enter in the taste category for Juniors. We don't know yet if they won anything. I'd like to go by the fair later tonight to see if they won any ribbons on their artwork or vegetables. Jarrod and I were up early to take the baked goods and vegetables. Now we get to relax until Wednesday when it's time to take the Flower Show entries.

Well, it's official.

We are homeschooling another year. After exploring a few options, Sister #2 had decided the best choice is to homeschool and go back to Leaves. Leaves has moved to a bigger building so we will earn more for the cleaning. Of course, we will have to do more cleaning but it should be worthwhile. The open house is next weekend and school begins the week I'll leave for Minnesota and the writer's conference.

I'll miss my first class too. That is also official--I'm going to take a class in Fiber Arts and learn to spin wool. That's my start at working on one of my dreams - learning historical sewing skills. Over the past month, I've joined a couple of heirloom sewing sites and scouted out some classes. Not many nearby, but I'm going to keep looking. A six week class might be doable if I could finish before the snowy weather. Also need to network a bit more with people I know who already have master sewing skills.

Am working steadily writing curriculum - rediscovering all I've forgotten about verbs and other parts of speech. Slowly working on other projects. In a sense it feels as if I'm in limbo until after the conference is over. There's still so much to do.


Peaches said...

It all sounds interesting to me.I'll be waiting to hear how the classes go. Once the conference is over, you can settle in for the winter. I'm a big proponent of home-schooling. Son#2 called today for a chat and stated unequivocally that his children (when and if they arrive) will go to private school, not public! I believe parents need to take back ownership of their children's education.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna. I can't believe it's September either. Crazy. The days all seem to blend in one after another. Seems like just yesterday it was the Fourth of July!

I give you props for the homeschooling! May God bless that!!

nlindabrit said...

As ever, your incredibly busy life leaves me breathless! Good luck with the spinning! That sounds a fascinating thing to try and learn and I wish you every success with it.

I am enjoying feeling better and getting back into my many interests too.

Leona said...

Wow! and I thought I was busy! hehe..I don't know how you do it, my friend, but good luck on all your goal reaching. Homeschooling again, eh? That's a big accomplishment in itself and very rewarding. Congrats on being able to do it and still be sane! LOL See you soon!