Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For some reason most of my Christmas pictures came out very blurry and fuzzy. I think I have another memory card with other pictures of the tree - sure hope so as tree number two turned out to be lovely.

Because it's midnight and I was too tired to search through more pictures, I thought I'd use this one. It's probably going to be the main character in one of my works in progress. Or maybe not. This is the picture that I found to use on a one sheet for the ACFW conference last fall. Didn't get to pitch that book anyway . . .

Found this picture on a website called something like "Lost Relatives." It's page after page of people who are unknown which is a little sad. When I used to visit antique shops a lot, I loved looking at old photographs. They had such stories to tell! Often wished I'd bought some of the ones I still remember.

Anyway, I put this lady up here to remind me that I do have goals and that I need to get started on them soon.

Actually began January 1st with several good intentions and followed through for several days. On the 1st, I actually skipped a holiday dinner at my brothers to get caught up on crits, to read two research books and get semi-caught up on email. I'm beginning to think email is like laundry - one only has the illusion of being caught up.

By next week, I should have the final draft of the Drummer Boy article. Once I resolve the picture dilemma, I'll send it off to the magazine a whole week early. That has to look good. :)

By next week, I should also have a final, complete, not going over it again version of Cattle Rustler. It's been a long time coming. I've written, rewritten, written again, had good crits, bad crits, right crits, wrong crits and sometimes very frustrating crits. It's been entered in contests, scored an Honorable Mention in one and failed miserably in others who thought the character was a "little young" for a young adult book. Well, duh--as the teens say. But, I think a ten year old is perfect for a children's book.

By next week, I will have whittled down the pile of research books I need for a) the drummer boy article, b) the horse book and c) the historical romance.

By next week, I will have revised my anthology piece for my writing group, finished two full book crits for friends (well, I hope!) and finished sending out the last of my Christmas gifts. (Okay, so they're a little late.) :)

By next week, I should have two doll coats cut out for my niece's new Christmas dolls - if I remember to buy the material while I'm out tomorrow.

By next week, things should look a lot better.


nlindabrit said...

Good grief, Donna, what a busy lady you are! Good luck with all your projects, dear friend.

Judy said...

Ditto what Linda said! It exhausts me just to read everything you are doing!!
Hmmmm. . .back to my wee little projects. . .

And good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you go, girl! Write on, sister.

Leona said...

yes.you go girl...I'm so tired after reading all that you do! LOL and now back to my writing projects :)

kathispray said...

Oh, Donna. You are so right about e-mail. It is like laundry. And I caught up on both today. Laundry only lasted 2.5 hours before it started growing again. Did a bit better on e-mail. That lasted 5 hours.

Yes, you are ready for Cattle Rustler to go. I'd love to see something new from you. And for those who said it was a bit too young for YA, haven't they ever heard of MG? Dirty Darn! as Jenny says. This a book more for younger kids, something they can follow with bated breath for her next mess up. Good luck with it.

Okay. Finishing up my mini-break. As of tomorrow, I'm diving heavily into conference prep. And maybe, just maybe, I'll sub to a couple of contests.


PattyK said...

I'll never know how you get it all done. But you remain my inspiration!