Monday, March 16, 2009

Moving in Carol's desk - Part 1

Well, Carol's desk is now in my dining room/pc room. The brother-in-law and Jarrod moved it in on Sunday. The BIL also took apart the old desk and the dinette bench that has been here forever. My brother built it in years ago. It was wide, deep and a handy storage place for blankets and extra pillows. We put some cushions on it and used it for seating, sleeping (it was big enough and I slept on it for about six months one year) and as a place to sit while using the computer. My grandmother always called it "the coffin" because she said it reminded her of one. :)

Tearing out the bench left a huge area of the hardwood floor unvarnished. It also exposed the places on the wall that were not papered. So it looks like my lovely, beige and ivy paper will have to go. The wallpaper store doesn't have anymore as it was a clearance roll. Sniff, sniff. . .

So today we got the desk together. Can't put anything on it yet since it will take some rearranging of the computer to get everything put in place. Also, the desk still has to be moved to put up the new wallpaper. Rushed up to the wallpaper store today and managed to get three rolls of a nice, gray, blue stripe. Difficult to explain but I'll post pictures later.

The cats are thrilled with the new piece of furniture. It's not in as great shape as I'd hoped, but it's still serviceable and has lots of nooks and crannies for all my stuff. Am looking forward to finally getting things organized and not having to reach over a dozen boxes to reach my computer or printer. I'll have to teach myself to sit a different way but change is good for the brain. I hope.

Part two tomorrow - the wallpaper.


Judy said...

A looking forward to The Great Desk Caper Part II!!

Congrats on getting it in!

nlindabrit said...

Looking forward to your pics! Shame about the wallpaper!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Then the writing will take off, huh? LOL?

I love a neat and organized writing space. :-)

PattyK said...

That's great, Donna. Glad to hear the desk is together. A new desk is exciting for a writer!