Friday, April 20, 2007

Cell Phones of Life

I got a new cell phone today. Well, acutally it is not a NEW new cell phone but one that belonged to BIL2.

Last year, in the interest of consolidating phone bills and taking control of the cell phone monster that threatened to swallow several members of the family, Sister number one decided we would go with Cingular and have a family plan. Surely, four of us could not use over the generous number of minutes provided for in a month. We got four nifty little phones. Because I belong to the bottom end of the cell phone totem pole, it was decided I could have a phone on Wed. and Friday and other times when I would be out driving somewhere. At other times, I was to share the phone with either of the parents who needed to be off driving somewhere. Since we usually didn't all go anywhere together, this worked most of the time.

Last week, the BIL2 (not to be confused with BIL1) happened to run over his cell phone with a pickup truck. The phone worked--with one minor detail--there was no viewing screen to see what number you dialed, or even IF you'd dialed. As BIL2 must have a new phone with minutes, the decision was made to give me the old phone. So--I ended up with a phone of my own without a view screen and my own amount of minutes. Which isn't as bad as it sounds. It works, it rings, it calls out. It doesn't take pictures or anything fancy, but it still has a working clock---one hour behind. Even with math being my worst subject, I can do the addition.
If I had any complaints about a second hand phone it's that it's LOUD, very loud and cannot be turned down. (Being driven over by a pickup does something to one's innards, don't you know?) So anytime it rings everyone within twelve blocks is startled out of whatever their doing by a loud, jubilant "Hallelujah Chorus!" After I got use to the jolting aspect of it, I rather enjoyed the ring tone. It sure got my blood circulating.
Today, it rang a lot. Not many calls were for me. My BIL had forgotten to give anyone his new number--so all the calls were for him. I'm not sure many people quite believed me when I said that I now had his phone. While most people had heard of second hand clothes, they couldn't really wrap their minds around the second hand phone concept. I spent most of the day explaining, yes, this was D's phone but it was now, NOT his phone, but mine. No, I did not know his new number. I wonder if he planned it that way??
Picture on top is of Emma, coloring her first Easter eggs.


nlindabrit said...

LOL!!! It sounds like a cross between a phone and an intelligence test puzzle. Knowing you, I am sure you'll cope with it. Even your secretariual duties fielding the BIL's messages:)

Erica Vetsch said...

I just want to know if everyone around you stands up as the ringtone plays. lol

Kitty said...

Hi, would you believe I go to this blog often just to see if you have updated it! I love it.. and guess what, I am going to be a grandma again, this time Sabrina is expecting...due in December....happy Spring!..kitty

Leona said...

Hey girl! I made it here! I'm having problems with my computer, but I'm here and should be posting again soon in mine! Welcome to the world of cell phones. I find them quite annoying most times but very handy when I need it most! Hope you're doing good!

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Hilarious story! My bro had the same problem with his phone - drove over it, lost the display. Still worked. I used to have "The Waltz of the Bumblebee" on my phone... man, that got you moving to answer it! :)