Saturday, June 09, 2007

My life in sound bites. . . . Some weeks the days go by in itty bits of moments. Like this past week. Thinking back I'm trying to remember where it all went. Monday is a total blank. Whatever I did, it's lost. On Tuesday, I know I met the Cookies and Milk ladies for lunch at Bob Evans. The boys went with me and were super good. It cost us over $30 bucks for a meal--YIKES--but Miah couldn't finish all his Western Omlet and brought some home for an afternoon snack. We stayed almost two hours. Came home and I think I did some writing. Most days I do some writing. Then I went to visit Gwen, the super lady who started us off on our newspaper page with her encouragement and caring. I took one of my manuscripts for her to give a thorough read through.

Wednesday the boys and I got up early to be at the Cinemas for a free showing of "Charlotte's Web." Every summer the merchants in town sponsor free movies on Wednesdays. The boys had never seen this classic, not even the cartoon, and loved the tale of Wilbur, the pig. We met my friend, Patty, there and had a nice mid-week visit.

Sister #2 got off a bit early so I had time to write on Wednesday too. Then went for the weekly night to clean the church offices. Got home early and went next door to watch the boys on the trampoline.

Thursday, I got a rare day OFF of everything. Spent most of the day writing, cleaning, and loafing. Did several scrapbook pages and had an idea for an article. Read a lot, walked a lot and enjoyed the freedom. Worked on planting marigolds and seeds in my garden. Also spent part of the day searching for a missing library book on woodpeckers and the case to "Chicken Little." (What is it with the missing birds around here?) Found the video case behind the couch. The book is still missing but the library let me renew it.
Friday we did school work. Yup, our new books to work on through the summer came. We took a trip to the library in the afternoon and watched a movie, "Savannah Smiles," when we came home. Had yummy garlic bread pizza and ended the day playing poker and Wheel of Fortune.
I love summer! The peonies have faded but you can see how the front porch looked last month. In the edge of the left front of the photo is part of my mailbox.


Patty said...

Wow! I've been blogged. Don't think I've been mentioned in a blog until now!

Love your reflections on "Where does the time go?" I've got to get a grip on where mine is going before it's all gone.

By the way, Hayleigh is a doll!

nlindabrit said...

the peonies look lovely still. I am enjoying the Jasmine, Clematis and Hydrangeas in my little garden this year.

Good luck hunting down the book:)

CJ said...

The front porch looks so pretty. Like something out of LHOP