Saturday, June 02, 2007

A week in review----

Welcome to my newest great niece, Hayleigh Marie! Here she is just 36 hours old. Thankfully, the last time I saw a baby sale too good to pass up, I bought several PINK outfits. (Baby clothes are one of my vices. I love buying them. Usually, I pass them on to someone who actually HAS a baby. Sometimes, I hoard a few outfits for a bit or use them to dress my keepsake dolls.)

One day I'll have to take some pictures of the dolls. I have several that belonged to my nieces Heather and Jenny, a set of Dionne Quintuplets I made, a walking doll my dad won at a fair in Texas as well as a bunch more. When I get tired of how they look, I dress them in something different.

Oh--yeah, the week in review. . . can't say it was much of a red letter week. I did get some lovely free time on Memorial Day. Can't remember what I did, but I know I sat and wrote or edited something. Felt very virtuous to be working on a holiday. I did figure out how to use the OCR on my scanner. This translates typed pages into my word program. Have been working at this for YEARS and never got it right--until now! I scanned four whole pages and all I had to do was tweak it a bit. Look out files, here I come! I have years of work I could be recycling but didn't want the bother of putting it into the pc.
The next day, I had several nice surprises. Got a HUGE birthday box from my sissy (okay, so I adopted her and she adopted me--LOL!) Sherry, in Tennessee. Lots of cool presents for Christmas, Easter and my birthday. I mailed out a query that I've been debating for weeks, printed up two articles to send out and actually sat down to watch an episode of Big Valley in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY. Total decadance.
Of course, that was also the day (I think) that I went rushing toward the bathroom and rammed my foot into the doorjam. My two pinkie toes went crunch and they sure felt broken. I could barely hobble to sit down. Soaked them that night and realized when I tried to walk upstairs I couldn't. All the extra babies and activity this week did a number on my left knee. If I bent it, it screamed. It happens and I take it easy for a bit. I'm sure I resembled Quasimodo lurching from my owie knee to my huge toes. Couldn't get my shoes on for two days. (It was sooooooooo nice! I couldn't drive anywhere.)
But, all good things must come to an end---the swelling is going down so it must be getting better. Showed the kids the bruises at the pool yesterday, they were impressed.
The rest of the week zipped by as we try to finish school for the year. (Although we generally work during the summer too, we do ease off some.) Friday, we skipped school all together and headed for Jenny's pool. The kids stayed in about three hours while I read "Quaker Summer." (This was so I could have two grown up books to list when I play tag with Erica's blog. I was too embarrassed to list 3 kids books as the last three I read. Even though it WAS research, I swear.) Even though I had on tons of sun screen, I managed to get burnt--in two nice neat circles around my ankles. Good thing I have stopped hobbling and can walk semi-upright. I'd sure look weird hobbling along with two pink ankles.
Saturday---I actually got to work for two hours straight! Funny, I kept waiting for someone to call or some disaster to strike. And something so GOOD happened today---Erica helped me solve a year long mystery. I now have all the lyrics to a Donny Osmond song that's been driving me nuts. And I am not dumb enough to tell anyone what song. You might think I am very weird.


Erica Vetsch said...

LOL, I know the title!

Hope your toes are all better soon. It musta been some bruise to impress the boys.

CJ said...

Nothing worse than running around in circles with bruises and sunburn.

nlindabrit said...

A warm welcome to the newborn. She's a little treasure!

Elysia said...

Good post.