Monday, August 06, 2007

Looks like it might getting ready to rain. Moisture would be a welcome relief from this heat wave. When you don't have air conditioning (I don't), any cooler air comes as a refreshing change.

This has been the hottest week of the summer I'm sure. Everything seems to take longer to accomplish. Writing is best done with a fan blowing right on me. An added benefit is that I can't hear anything else going on which can be good and bad! It's easy to block out the kids but what are they doing that I can't hear??? Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss. Like Saturday when Miah decided to find out if it really was hot enough to fry an egg on the hood of the car. It wasn't - quite. He found out cleaning egg off is harder and takes longer than putting it on.
Despite a rough week, ending with a funeral on Friday, we had a fairly relaxing weekend. Jenny came out on Thursday night. She did the "portrait" of me at the top of the page. I don't know where she got the long granny gown with flowers or the fuzzy slippers. That's more my winter sleepwear than summer!
We took time out this weekend to mark out what art work the kids want to enter in the Fair. We will not be entering the drawing above! We also got out the latch hook kits and refocused on finishing for the Home Arts entries. Miah, Jarrod and I all discovered one astonishing fact---we'd forgotten how to latch hook. We had to read the instructions on back of the kits to get back in the swing. We are all working on cats. Miah has a baby tiger. Jarrod a surreal blue cat. Mine is a kitten with a ball. I read the instructions wrong so half the ball is a gray that should be on the kitten's head. Like Jarrod says, if I don't have enough yarn, I might have a pink headed kitten!
With the heat comes cucumbers. I've made 38 quarts of pickles up to yesterday. I thought I was done. Today there is another bag of cucumbers waiting to be pickled. Back to my vinegar, garlic and dill . . .


Erica Vetsch said...

Lovely picture.

That's a lot of pickles, esp. for someone who doesn't eat pickles.

CJ said...

Egg on the hood of a car. LOL So wasn't quite a hot idea.