Monday, August 13, 2007

The "Maverick" brothers
My nephews Bret--dark hair and Bart--blond
This was a long time ago! Bart has an almost two year old daughter and Bret is almost through college. Time sure flies. . . . This picture won a First Prize one year in the fair.
All in a day's work. . . .

Had a long list of plans for today and I'm happy to be able to say I checked off almost all of them tonight. Of course, I had to x out a few right from the start.

When I realized that I had to add on garden chores to the list, I knew my writing time would go.

So---the day went something like this: rushed next door to put in a load of wash, cut all the broccoli in Sister #2's garden, came home and blanched the broccoli, had to stop to go to the Dollar Store for freezer bags and canning jar lids, ended up going to three stores before I found jar lids, home, put the broccoli into the freezer bags and into the freezer, started bringing in tomatoes to can.

This begins the tomato hours---wash off tomatoes, drop in a pot of boiling water to loosen the skins, drop into cold water so skins come off, chop tomatoes into pieces and put in jars, put in salt, seal and start boiling in the canner. In the interest of multi-tasking, I worked on the entries for the fair at the same time. The deadline for photos and artwork entires is August 15th. I'd do a jar or two of tomatoes, let the rest cool and start filling out the blanks.

Tomatoes done, fair entires done, I wrapped up a box for a friend and collected all the library books and vidos that would be due before I get back from Michigan. Got dressed (brief hassle as the well went dry--all that canning) and we had to run water in from the cistern. Went to town.

Stopped to have my glasses adjusted. Waited in line. On to the post office. Waited in line. Then to the store for drinking water. Waited in line. Went to the library. Took my time in the air conditioning finding some books to take on the trip. A cool surprise--a DVD of "Perry Mason" had come in. I've been on the waiting list for three months. I know what I'm watching tonight--if I can stay awake long enough.

Home, helped get supper, ate and then started working on emails. For some reason there are always emails before I can feel like I can leave for any length of time. Now all I have to do tonight is pack, change litter boxes, clean the kitchen, iron clothes for church on Wednesday morning (we'll be out late tomorrow and I won't have time) and I sure hope that's all!! I'm ready for a vacation.


CJ said...

That's why you earn the big bucks

Have fun on your vacation

Erica Vetsch said...

Wish I was going on vacation. Have fun.

Leona said...

Have fun on your vacation, it sounds like you need one! I'm going on a mini one on the 23rd to fruit country :).

Anonymous said...

Whew, I'm tired just reading about your day, Donna! Have a great vacation!!