Monday, January 21, 2008

Time for FEBO! My friend, Patty, has decided to get back into the habit of writing. (Hooray!!) Since she didn't get to finish NANO, she came up with a neat solution---FEBO. Here is the link to get you started.

Patty's idea is to set writing goals for Feb. and to encourage one another to keep on track. The goals can be as easy or as hard as you like. I'm seriously thinking that mine will be to finish and fine tune "Cattle Rustler," enter the first Jenny book in THE SANDY contest and get out a short story. Those are my three main goals and I intend to post them at the FEBO site as soon as I finish this. If you think you need to get back on track with writing goals, join us!

We were delayed leaving for our mini-vacation by a day. Since my sister earns triple time for MLK day, it was too good an opportunity to miss a chance to work. My bil also got an extra day of work. Plus, it meant that the boys' cousin, Greg, could also come along on the trip AND it gave us time to help my friend, Maribeth, with some furniture moving.

I am all packed, except for my toothbrush and LYSOL. Have a bag of way too many books, but I never like to travel without a few in case I have time to read. Also packed my cross stitch supplies in hopes of working uninterrupted on a state fair sampler. To my absolute DISGUST, I found out that Walmart has discontinuted their embroidery thread kiosk. Since there is nowhere else in town to buy it, I'll have to wait until we arrive at Sandusky and see if I can't find a thread friendly store. Should have gone to Joann's Fabrics on Friday but thought I'd save it for another day. Next time, I'll know better.

I've had several emails from people coming to the midwinter gathering who like to write. We are hoping to get together to talk and share ideas. A funshop/discussion group is also planned for Wednesday night, right before the family dance in the GRAND Ballroom. Never having been in any kind of a ballroom--grand or otherwise--I'm looking forward to the experience.

I have books, paper, several first drafts printed up to take along so when I'm not talking, I'll have plenty to keep me busy! See you in a week or so.


nlindabrit said...

I hope you have a lovely time this week. Enjoy!

The FEBO idea sounds good too and just the thing to keep your writing on track. Good for you and Patty too.

Peaches said...

I'll definitely check out FEBO, Donna! Thanks for sharing the link! And have a terrific time and get lots done! We'll be waiting to hear all about it when you get back!!

PattyK said...

Donna, thanks so much for sharing the news about FEBO on your blog. Hope I get some "partners in crime." If I have to "suffer for my art," I want some company!

Jennifer Gladen said...


FEBO - Awesome idea. I'll check out the link when I get a chance.

BTW-- Thanks for stopping by my blog.