Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time to get back to the routine.

Vacation time is over and it's time to get back into the routine. The boys go back to Leaves tomorrow and I go back to slugging away on the manuscript of the moment, "Cattle Rustler." Need to finish the dirty darned thing and be done with it all. It's dragged on forever and ever. Longer than any other project I've ever worked on.

The good news of the day is that I mailed my contest entry to the East Texas Writer's Guild. Also printed out a short story and will mail that this week. Need to buy more brown envelopes before I do that. There are also a couple of agents on my list that want snail mail proposals. I'm hoping to attack that chore during my friend, Patty's FEBO.

The boys and I were getting back into our school routine today. Didn't get much accomplished other than school work, some cleaning. I managed to unpack all the stuff I brought back from Kalahari. Also read some more in "Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott. Some of her ideas are good. Some are ---hm---unusual?

My laptop is packed for tomorrow's working stint while the boys are at Leaves. I'll go to my regular library and plug in. The last time I was there, a nice librarian kept me in conversation for half an hour about writing. Her advice when I admitted to writing a book was, "Go for it." Ah, how easy non-writers think we have it.

Am trying to decide on a "next" project. I have a very short, chapter book mystery and a grown up mystery. I think by choice I'll be starting on "Snipped in the Bud" first. Somehow 10K sounds so much more appealing than 80K.

What can you do with some styrofoam? Jarrod made a whole warrior outfit above.


PattyK said...

I love Jarrod's armor and lance. What a creative kid!

I guess he gets it from his aunt! You are smoking and FEBO hasn't even started. We may to disqualify you. You've already got discipline!!!!

(Just kidding. I hope you'll rub off on me. PLEASE!)

Peaches said...

Your industry leaves me in the dust, Donna! I'm counting on FEBO to inspire me!!

nlindabrit said...

I am way behind with my reading and commenting on the BV boards and as ever you awe me with your activity. Donna! I am clinging to FEBO like a drowning woman and trusting it will help get me on track!

Tell Jarrod I said well done on being so creative.

Anonymous said...

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