Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Plodding along- - -

A rainy, rainy day. It's poured for hours so that the back fields, creek and driveways are flooded. Might be a good day to sit somewhere and read or sew. But, since I have the day "off", I feel honor bound to get some of my writing "chores" done.

So far today I have sent two queries online. This required putting the chapters into a certain format (and dirty darn, I just realized I left off the page numbers in one set!), rewriting short bits where I had crit marks and stopping umpteen times for interruptions. So all I can count on having done are my entry to The Sandy Contest, a query package to a new agent and two emails. Oh, and I guess a blog entry too. After that I'm going to try to type some new words on something.
Won't know if I can get any editing done today or not. We're having a surprise birthday party for my brother tonight.

Tomorrow, I plan to buy craft supplies for one of my favorite holidays--Valentine's Day. I should get in a few hours work on my Jenny sequel too. Maybe work on the mystery I hope to enter in the Daphne Contest in March.

Am feeling a little sluggish in the writing department. Yesterday I sent a query and got a rejection in FIVE MINUTES. It's a mite discouraging. On the other hand, I spent more than 45 minutes giving a writing workshop to five little girls at our church's homeschool club. They were very receptive to learning new ideas, asked lots of questions and were thrilled to tell me about their stories. They seem to have the same problem a lot of older writers have--beginning a story and not following through. We talked about the "sagging middle" and ways to remedy that. One little girl sent me two of her short stories for review. I loved seeing their eager and happiness in writing. Somehow I have to recapture that.

Or maybe it's the weather ---YAWN.

Off to do something else so it feels like I've done something!


CJ said...

Sounds like you need a SAD light

Erica Vetsch said...

Hope the Sandy turns out well for you. And I'm sorry about the 5 minute rejection. That smarts.

Peaches said...

It sounds as if you've done a great deal! And a rejection means that you made a try for something--which is more than I've done! But, you've got me at least thinking about doing something. . .

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna, this is the first chance I've had to check out your blog, but have been glad to hear from you. I can't seem to reply to you via the comments, and I am not unpacked enough from the conference to find email addresses in the packet directory. The midwest conference in Cincinnati was already full when we applied so we won't be there. We are home and trying to catch up on business around here (just picked up the Magic Kingdom book from the printer on Monday), and are working on a marketing campaign for its official release on March 1st. We are at the INHome Con. in Chicago March 7/8 and then at INCH (Information Network for Christian Homes) conf. in Lansing in May. We are looking at some others, but trying to keep our traveling expenses under control this year and focus more on internet marketing and building sales through our website. Lots to do! I am doing to jobs of 100 people, and boy do I feel like it some days. Plus, keeping up with inventory for Don's business, and homeschooling too. This can be a crazy place (no wonder we never have company -Hah!). Anyway, I'll cut this short and talk to you soon. Corinne Johnson, author, vacationeducationbooks.com

nlindabrit said...

You are doing really well with FEBO by the sound of it. I on the other hand:( Keep up the good work!