Monday, November 24, 2008

It's time for Congratulations!

To Kathi - for finishing one NaNo project in the first week and beginning another!
To Maribeth - for signing up for your first year in NaNo! It's a beginning step. Also congratulations for starting a new critique group and having a great first session.
To Patty - for signing up and finishing NaNo two weeks before the deadline!! I knew you could do it. Also congratulations on your first granddaughter!
To Leona - for having a poem make it into the selection process of Blue Mountain Arts. Let's hope for a sale!
To Judy - for having someday happen! Congratulations on your first book sale, Where is Papa's Shining Star?, at Wild Rose Press!
To Sheri - for finaling in the 2008 Fiction from the Heartland contest! Here's hoping you get the great news in January that you've won. Light of Truth is a super story and deserves a first place.
To Erica - for getting a three book contract with Barbour House! Way to go!

And, to me - for actually getting something done today! I supercleaned the bathroom, did school work with the boys and turned on my laptop. Okay, so I shut it right back down - but I turned it on! Tomorrow has got to be better.


Judy said...

Thanks for the congrats--and let me add mine to the others you mentioned as well!

And tomorrow--turn on that laptop! I SAID! <---shaking wooden spoon your direction

nlindabrit said...

You sound like your usual, busy self, my friend. I have recently got back into regular writing again myself and feel a lot more like me. Judy has inspired me with her fantastic success and you had better let her inspire you too. You don't want that wooden spoon after you, now do you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words about Light of Truth, Donna. You're a great crit partner!

PattyK said...

:~) Thanks, Donna, for encouraging me to do NANO!

kathispray said...

Ah, I'm blushing. But I do so thank you for the nice words. And you did it, too. Talk about hiding your light under a bushel. Congrats to you, too, Donna. Finishing NaNo is no easy feat. Kathi.