Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Organizing and NaNoing . . .

Seems like the days are moving on fast foward now that the holidays are approaching. Wasn't it just September yesterday? How did it get to be November already?

I've been working at NaNo but not sure if I'll get to the total word count this year. Makes me kind of mad at myself for not trying harder. Last year I kept doggedly on when all my other friends fell by the wayside. (And you know WHO YOU ARE--LOL!) This year everyone else seems to be whizzing ahead while I'm still stuck because of a) the hard drive fiasco, b) too many other projects and c) laziness? I write everyday, for hours everyday and yet, I'm not working too much on the NaNo project.
Guess one can't have it all. I'm working as a paid writer each day. If there isn't time for fiction right now, that's the way it has to be.
Have no idea why I started a blog post at almost eleven at night. I am too tired for a coherent thought. Especially since I am into my usual pillage of the 'black hole of calcutta' namely, my walk in closet. It had gotten so bad things were actually falling out when I opened the door - and it's a WALK-IN closet. It's big enough to double as a spare room (and did.) When I was a teenager, it was my bedroom. Enough said. It's like a treasure hunt now that I'm actually cleaning it out.
Have already found dozens of books and things to give away, a whole box of ebay possibilities and some things I needed including labels and a watering can. (Don't ask.) Also found more dolls and two doll cradles for my collection. Thought I'd thrown those away or someone burned them when the barn went. I also came up with an idea on how to get the kid's ERTEL collection down in the basement. Have to visit Lowe's tomorrow for a snap together shelf unit and get the boys to help me.
The quints are from my postcard collection. Need to have room to display some of my Quint goodies.


nlindabrit said...

LOL about the state of the closet! I can certainly relate to that!

I gathered you must be your usual frantically busy self because I have seen so few blog posts from you lately.

Don't stress about Nano, my friend. You are doing fantastically well to be taking a crack at it when you have your paid writing work obligations to fulfill as well. You should be proud.

Judy said...

Your busy-ness leaves me out of breath, Donna! I think NaNo should definitely be low on your priority list considering all the other projects you have going. What pays should stay! LOL! BTW, did you see the NaNo homepage article that said Createspace is offering a free bound copy of all finished NaNos? That might be interesting!

Anonymous said...

Keep pluggin' away, Donna! You can do it.


Nike.Chillemi said...

I'm cheering you on in your Nanoing. I did it last year and it was one of my best writing experiences.

PattyK said...

Quit worrying about NANO!

NANO is for low-energy types like me who have trouble working up the steam to write on a regular basis. You don't have that problem. You are one of the most prolific authors I know.

And besides that, I'm jealous ;~) that you're getting all that organizing done!

You are amazing! Some day, you'll be one of the famous writers who send out those weekly encouragement letters to the NANO participants!

And speaking of NANO, thank you for encouraging me to do it--cause, like I said, I'm one of those people that needs it!!!