Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MaYo? So, how is everyone doing with MaYo? Okay, Kathi - that's enough out of you! :) Kathi managed to get over 100K DONE! She's still got two more weeks so I'll expect another two full book manuscripts!

I've heard from several people and they are more or less in the same word length as me. May is just too BUSY to keep up with all that writing. I'm about at 12K which is good. Even if I don't finish my goal of 20K, I'm happy to have a start on all new words for a short manuscript. The whole book - short chapter book - is plotted and coming along well. I'm hoping to take it on vacation and do some tweaking.

Congratulations to one of my crit partners - Diana! Diana finaled not once but TWICE in the Genesis contest. Way to go, Diana!

I'm still waiting for my scoresheets to see where I might have gone "wrong." But, I've come to a realization that no matter what the judges found, it's just someone else's opinion on my work. Even last year when I did final, I didn't find all that much I could or was willing to change in the manuscript. Most of the comments were either something that didn't need changing or reflected someone's personal pet peeve or something they'd just learned in a class. I even found this with the final round judging which surprised me. Judges are just people and they bring their own predjudices, likes and dislikes into the judging arena.

While I think that I try NOT to do this myself - judged in two contests this spring - I find myself having to step aside and say, "okay, I don't exactly agree with this but am I putting too much of me into the judging?" Although sometimes I will inject a little aside to the author but I don't let it count on the scores.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing what the three judges had to say about my venture into historical romance. I know from past experiences that all three will probably have differing opinons on what worked and what didn't. That's the most frustrating thing about contests to me.
Guess my score sheet for the Genesis isn't too bad. I finalded and won second place my first year and didn't show at all in my second attempt. Since this will be my last year to be eligible for entering, I guess it's not too bad.
I am more than ready for the end of school - Leaves - anyway on May 29th. The boys and I will be finishing up our boxed curriculum for a few more weeks - maybe until time to leave for vacation. Time to figure out what books and projects I want to take along.
Hope everyone has a great two weeks as we wrap up MaYo!


Anonymous said...

I know, isn't that exciting for Diana? Double finalist? That's sooo cool! Another girl in one of my other crit groups finaled as well.

Stellar writing out there.

Hey, yeah, I'm waiting to see what the judges said about mine as well. Yeah, they are opinions, but if I hear the same opinions with all the judges, that tells me it needs to be changed.

Anyway, that's how I learn, through crits and contests...it's the best. Even if I don't final....it's still worth it.

Hope you are well!

KC Sprayberry said...

Okay, Kathi checking in here. What do you mean slow down? I've just hit a major busy point. The action is bubbling away. I have to finish this one. And the next, and the next, and the next and then the finale. You knew once I started this series I couldn't stop until it was all done. Maybe I won't get it done in May but there's always June!

PattyK said...

Okay, somebody find the tranquilizer darts. . .for Kathi! Just kidding. Kathi, I salute you. You are an inspiration. :~)
And Donna, you're an inspiration too. Even if you don't reach your goal for Mayo, I could never keep up with your schedule and all the writing and market research you do. So hats off to you too!
And you are SO RIGHT about the contest thing. The judges are just people with their own opinions and preferences. We all have to learn to take what we need from their comments--and ignore the rest. Of course, as soon as I find a judge who gives me rave reviews, I'm taking it all back. Such a judge is obviously a genius of the first magnitude!

KC Sprayberry said...

Oh, I have to meet this Patti. A tranquilizer dart? They don't work on me. I still jump up after a few hours of rest and dive into more. Just an update. I'm at almost 151K and will finish ahead of schedule, if the world doesn't intrude. Given that son wants me to take him to library tomorrow so he can start his summer reading list, I'm thinking I'll lose at least an hour. But I'll make it up fast!