Thursday, May 07, 2009

MaYo Day Seven -- So how is everyone doing so far? This marks the first week of pounding those keyboards. I'm up to 4900 words which is good. Only 16,000 to go to reach my 20K goal - more or less. :) So much has been going on I haven't had a lot of time to work on writing fiction.

Yesterday I took one of my writing days to read and reflect. Sat in the car while the boys were in school and read two books. It was a lovely rainy day so no one bothered to stop and chat. Except for a dash into the library to check email and another dash into a store for something to go with my ham sandwich - I just let the day float by.

Don't know how refreshing it was ---LOL! Didn't get any great revelations of plots or how to fix my current projects, but I had a good time.

Everyone check out a first for me. I'm a GUEST BLOGGER at my friend, Patty's website -- Head on over and se what a "Six Year Old Taught me about Writing."
I'm in the midst of several projects so more later.


KC Sprayberry said...

I saw your comment. Now, you know I'm one of those folks it doesn't take much to motivate. And yes, I'm way beyond the 20K but I'm having the time of my life and am much more into the stories than I am in November. Hey, ya think we can convince Chris Baty to change NaNo to May? It's more fun to write when you're not shivering in the early winter cold!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Wow, 4900 words. You go, Donna!! Write on.


Judy said...

I'm thinking now in terms of JuNo. . .haven't been getting the words in like I should! Heading over to check your guest blog.

KC Sprayberry said...

Okay, you're gonna hate me now. I finished my first manuscript last weekend. The ones I'm working on now are two and three...and I plan to go on to four others until I just plain finish them. Then, if I have time, and Josh doesn't drive me completely nuts when he finishes school in two weeks, there's another one I've put off forever.

PattyK said...

4900 is GREAT, Donna! I'm really impressed. :~)