Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time for MAYO!

Okay, it's been awhile since NANO or JANO or even FEBO. Most of us are either starting a new project, stuck in an old one or floundering as summer approaches. While there's plenty of freedom in summer, there are also new situations that stretch your writing time thin. Kids out of school, pool parties, vacations, and plain old let's enjoy the sun while it shines. So what's a writer to do?


The rules are simple. Let's take May as a last 'blitz' before the busy summer months are upon us. Instead of 50K as in NaNo, let's all aim for only 20K. That's less than 5K a week! It's either a whole book - if you are writing short books for children. (Hand raised here.) Or half a book or pesky editing/revising project.

So is anyone up for the challenge? I challenge you to post a commitment here and then write 20K sometime during May. It can be a new project, an outline for a project, a short story, revise and edit a 20K project or do something - even 20K worth of query letters to push your writing career out of its spring standstill.

Someone recently told me that PUSH stands for -Pray Until Something Happens. While that's a wonderful idea, I'd like to revise it for writers.

PUSH your pen until something happens!!! Keyboards accepted too.

So, who's going to join me??? I know it's short notice but we've got a whole month.


Judy said...

Okay, I'm in! If I know I have to produce so many words despite traveling, I'll boot up the laptop at night instead of turning on the television in the hotel room. (This is why I have minimal tv at home!)

I'm set to GO-GO-G0 for MAYO!

nlindabrit said...

I'm in! I was going to say no as I have to get the prizes made for the Valley-Dwellers Gathering in July, Then I remembered I also have to write two short stories for the Gathering as well, so Mayo will do very well for that project:)

KC Sprayberry said...

Yeah! A challenge. Check out my blog daily. I'm going to finish up two projects from last month and start a third. That's my goal this month.

K9friend said...

H'mmm. Can I do it? Would the pressure be too much? Could I think of a single word to write?
Can I count my blog entries? : )

We shall see.

PattyK said...

Woo-hoo--I'm in! Maybe this will help me squeeze some writing/editing into an otherwise hectic month. I'm helping with the plans for a writing conference and shoveling through the debris after being sick for a few weeks. Did I mention that my daughter is getting married next month? If I can write this month, I can write any month! It will be good to have some traveling companions on the writing journey. God bless you all. May He prosper the work of your hands.