Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall is in the Air!

Okay, I couldn't resist the plug for 'autumn.'  This is one of my favorite seasons of the year.  I love the leaves changing color, sweater weather and the delicious scent of mums and leaf mold. So, I'm odd - I won't deny it.

  • Decided to just make a list of several things I got done today - so it looks like I actually do something with the day.
  • Answered several emails.
  • Deleted a bunch of emails.
  • Looked at some of my email settings in the hope of learning something new.  I didn't.
  • Went to town for groceries.
  • Stopped to admire an Amish horse and buggy tied to a street light in the grocery store parking lot and watch a lady taking photos with her cell phone. (I'm sure that's a scene in a book somewhere.)
  • Read a mystery.
  • Did four crits.
  • Did school with the boys.
  • Jarrod and I helped a friend store her outdoor furniture.
  • Added the NaNo badge to my blog.
  • Found the rest of the Jenny book I needed.
  • Found the synopsis I needed to copy for the Bloom Award.
  • Looked at the Bloom Award questions I need to answer before sending out my contest entry.
  • Fed cats.
  • Prayed - a LOT!
  • Updated my blog.
  • Tried out a couple of new things on my blog.
And that is probably it! 


nlindabrit said...

LOl! What a busy beaver you are, my friend!

Judy said...

Your list blows me away! Glad to see you back blogging! And glad to see the NaNo badge up--only just over a week before we're off!