Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Aunt Maggie and the boys Since I don't know how to put two pictures in one entry, here is the photo we took of Aunt Maggie with Miah and Kris. There isn't a lot we can take her, so we usually make sure to give her edible goodies. Although I believe Kris made it back to the car with those chocolate chip cookies clenched in his hand.

Aunt Maggie is the last of my Grandma's family still alive. There were three sisters: Marie, my grandma, Myrtle and Maggie Sue. Aunt Myrtle was a bit of a scamp. The two other sisters were forever remembering a saying she use to tease them with, "There were three sisters, one was too fat, one was too skinny and one (being herself), was just right." The girls had two older brothers, Kenneth and Denneth.


Anonymous said...

Lovely memories.

And the sister joke is funny!

CJ said...

What a cute picture. I'm with Kris. Don't let go of those cookies!

Joyce said...

Aunt Maggie is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Having two sisters, I laughed reading their saying! And what a beautiful picture of your aunt. You do cherish those moments!