Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Memories captured While trying to compact the past weekend into a few sentences, I realized that I couldn't look at each day as a whole. Instead, I found there were moments that stood out. Emma eating a fudgesicle---her first, all by herself. The sunshine--warm, golden and daring winter to come. (It did. Sunday was freezing and Monday I saw snow flurries.) Jenny and Jarrod tossing a football in the field. Then later the two having an animated discussion on the difference between pirates and pirateers. Although I know they are both smart, it's times like these when you get an "Ah HA!" moment and realize they actually KNOW things. And I can't take credit for teaching either of them about pirates. Jenny's history class had just had a unit on them and Jarrod learned in "Building History." (It sounds like such a neat class, I almost wish I could go!)

Sunday we all went to the nursing home to visit Aunt Maggie. She celebrated her 87th birthday on the 15th. Jarrod and Jenny baked a chocolate cake the night before and we all trooped in bearing gifts. This picture of her with Miah and Kris might someday be a treasure. Kris has only seen her twice in his four years and doesn't remember her. He might remember the toy cars she unearthed in a basket and gave him. The floors are highly polished and make excellent track for the teeny wheels.

Monday I got an unexpected bonus of time. We were all set to begin school for the day when Sister #2 came for the boys. She had business downtown and would take the boys onto their Monday afternoon club. HOORAY! So did I scrapbook, read, watch "The Thin Man" movies I'd rented at the library? Nope. I cleaned my room and went to the laundromat. Kind of dumb, but I really needed to get the room done. Then I took all my quilts and blankets and sheets and washed them. Went to sleep on sweet, fresh smelling quilts so it was worth it. Plus, I got to read for a whole hour by myself!

Had to rush then to get home, eat and get back to the library for a "Cookies and Milk" meeting and the first session of "Let's Write II."

It was a weekend that reminds me of one of my favorite sayings, "We do not remember days, we remember moments."

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CJ said...

Some days just have more moments to them. (-;