Friday, October 20, 2006

MEANWHILE. . . . back at the ranch. . . .

My short burst of pride in my organizational skills has ended. Turns out picture day was NOT Wednesday. Turns out we did not know WHEN picture day was because someone lost the paper with the dates. This someone was NOT me because I brough it in and gave it to the parties responsible.

What this meant to me was that I had to be prepared for picture day happening anytime within the next few weeks. I was sure that the paper said October. Thankfully, today was picture day and we got that over with!

Today turned out well in the writing layer. I managed to do a first draft of a cover letter, outline and bibliography for an article. Also did anohter draft of a short story I want to enter into a contest. Transcribed some notes into Word Imperfect and read some manuscripts for two friends. Also mailed a snail mail letter that only took me a month to write.

After having lost my stride the past few weeks, I feel like I'm getting back into the flow with my work. The revisions on the book are done. (I hope.) Will post the last chapter of my second book with my online critique group. The Nov. "Cookies and Milk" column is put to bed. (That's newspaper talk!) Guess now I can turn my attention to all those small projects and then think about another book project.
There are three ideas calling for atteniton so I'm not sure which I'll choose. Maybe more than one.

The boys went to LOL today so I had plenty of time to write and visit JoAnn's for their sale. Bought scrapbook paper, ribbon, puppets for the boys to make and a pen.
I'm anticipating doing some scrapbooking this weekend. There is something that satisfying about gluing, cutting and arranging pages.

Last night, one of my friends said she had given her son a copy of "Legend of the Lost Miner" to read. When she showed him my name and asked if he knew who it was, he said no. How fleeting is fame! Although I rarely remember an author's name either. When she pointed out who I was, Miss Donna, he replied with "Duuuuuuuuude." I've been told the translation equals something like, "How cool is that?"


CJ said...

Duuuude, you should be proud of yourself! Hope you get some deserved time to yourself for scrapping.

nlindabrit said...

LOL! I love the 'journalist jargon'!