Thursday, January 11, 2007

No Snow---

Since it's January, I decided we needed a snow picture. This happens to be from last year. Jarrod and Miah hooked their sleds to Grandpa's tractor. Having no hills to sled down, necessity is the mother of invention. It was all the more thrilling when the rope broke and the sled went sailing off on it's own.

I'd actually like snow. . . . if it wasn't so cold.

Had to do a short blog on my "Interesting Morning." It happened yesterday so I can be objective about it now. Even laughed about it last night. I was NOT laughing at 6 a.m. yesterday.

Around then I began to hear the piano play. Knowing our house is NOT haunted, I went to investigate and caught Smokey, tripping the light fantastic across the keys. I shooed him off, decided to lie down on the sofa and catch a bit more sleep before we left for school.

DA DA DA DUM. Tink, tink, tink, tink.

Smokey again. He didn't want to PLAY the piano, nor did he enjoy the sound. He wanted to sleep on the piano keys. Sent him to the floor again. Laid down. Another tune. This time he jumped down before I got into the room with the piano. Laid back down. This went on and on and on until time to get up. THEN, he settled down--right across the piano keys, and went to sleep.

I was out--racing to beat the get to school clock. Went outside to warm up the car. Back inside where I thought I could sit and have a short cup of tea. When I went back out, the car had died and wouldn't restart. Dad happened to notice the problem and came out to give me a jump start. Thankfully, the car started and the boys and I made it to Leaves with ten minutes to spare. Although some days, you wonder why you get out of bed!


Erica Vetsch said...

The 'kitten on the keys' is lucky he doesn't live here. He might have found himself the 'kitten on the back porch'. LOL

CJ said...

I'm with you, Tam. Ink would have ended up in "The Cooler" (sunroom during Winter) Still cats are fun creatures when they get something into their heads! Maybe you can leave Brahms' "Lullabye" on the piano music rack for him to try.