Saturday, January 27, 2007

Snow Days. . . .

My friend, Cj, laughed the other day when I told her we were having a 'snow day' from school. I guess the idea of homeschoolers having a snow day is pretty funny. It's not like we have to shovel the driveway--circular and very long--to get out to school. Most days. On Leaves of Learning days, it's another story. We're as normal as anyone else who has to warm the car, get the car moving and get to school on time.

Wednesday, we got a frigid blast of air and snow flurries. No way did I want to be an hour from home. So, we had a snow day in that we didn't go to the school building. To the boy's dismay, I used it to get caught up with work we'd had to let slide Monday and Tuesday.

Miah commemorated the day by drafting a short story on the computer.


Too day we are going to play in the snow and throw snowballs because we did not go to school but we are going to do snowballs after schoolwork then we will kill with snowballs.

Clearly the days instruction included a review of punctuation. We raced through the work (three days worth! Hey, I had a fresh snowfall working on my behalf. I took as much advantage of it as I could.) The boys went out and tried snowboarding on their sleds. As far as I know nothing got harmed by their snowballs. Miah made a gigantic snowball and wanted to keep it. Since it was bigger than my entire freezer---the snowball is sitting in the yard. I can imagine spring coming and it slowly mellllllllllllllltttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnng among the Easter egg hunt.

The snow and the cold have lasted until today. Yesterday, Jenny and the boys got out the sleds and had a great time. Grandpa went out and hooked all the sleds to the back of his tractor. He gave them a fun ride through the back fields. They tried standing up, skiing, and when they fell they tumbled like puppies in the snow. Miah had a harder time staying balanced than Jenny or Jarrod, but I did catch a few pictures of them all three upright.

While I don't particularly care for snow, snow days are nice. Last Sunday we got so much I didn't go out of the house all day. The kids and I got out all the snowman mugs and had some hot mocha mix, (thanks CJ!) We played a game of Monopoly Here and Now, (much better than the original game. By the time we quit, I owned the Mall of America, the Golden Gate Bridge and the French Quarter. It doesn't get any better than that. Although Jarrod did have a hotel on Time's Square and we were all headed toward it.) I read three books--okay, two of them were middle grade, and cleaned out my scrapbook bin.

It's fun to go into my scrapbook corner and have stickers in one box, tags or brads in another. Somehow I feel more inspired when I don't have to search for everything I want to use. Spent one of my snow days finishing up some small scrapbook projects. Yesterday I actually FOUND my cousin's wedding announcement from December. Time to make a scrapbook momento of the day. . . .
The weathermen are predicting more snow this weekend. Could I use another snow day or two or three? YES!


CJ said...

Snow days are great fun to hang out watching the snow fall and sipping hot chocolate. I'm glad the mocha mix was a hit. No snow days here. Poor Cory's getting button marks because she's been wearing her pjs inside out in hopes of a snow day! LOL

nlindabrit said...

Sounds wonderful! I haven't had snow days, but have been skulking indoors from the storms. So have Tom and Barkley. LOL, it says in my book that Dalmatians are all-weather dogs . . . not sparkly Barkley! He likes warmth and comfort as much as Tom and I.

Kitty said...

Donna, I sure remember snow days when all my kids were little. seems like yesterday. I read you blog to keep undated on you and your going ons. Now a snow day means others can not get into work [ at the loacl Dollar General } and so they call me since I live only a couple blocks away. FUN!