Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Job Well Done

This morning I finished my first ever landscaping job for someone else. Hopefully, the picture does it justice. I had to stand sideways to get a full shot--the yard being very small and my back getting poked by a huge, prickly evergreen bush. The pictures show a slanted/sideways view. When I stood in front of the arbor it all looked straight and matched (even though the space was not a complete circle.)

It took less time than I anticipated. Going to find a Home Depot was the major challenge but once there I got a terrific bargain on the black satin mulch. Even brought home some mulch and flowers to spare for my garden. Guess what I'll be doing once it cools off here a bit?

Can rest tonight with the job behind me and extra cash in my pocket.

Sure will sleep better than last night when I had dreams about the work ahead. Dreamed I arrived and found huge slabs of rock all over the space and I had to clear them away. Got to it and dragged a half a ton of rock into a neat pile by the fence. Then I realized that the slow seepage under the rocks had sprung a giant leak and OH NO...the space under the rocks was a swimming pool sized HOLE filled with water and the ugliest giant carp I'd ever seen. No way could I empty the pool and harm that fish--even if he was scary.

But then, I turned around and found a small circle of dirt and I realized I had way too many flowers! I'm glad the reality came closer to the nice part of the dream. You can't see it all in the photo but there are a LOT of flowers in there--some hadn't bloomed yet. I'd like to see it once all the plants start blooming and spreading out.
As I was planting, a bright yellow butterfly flew in and landed on a purple flower. I can hear him going back to the other butterflies he knows, "Hey, guys, there's a new place to eat in the neighborhood."


Erica Vetsch said...

Beautifully done! Heather and I finished the garden today too. It's a great feeling, isn't it?

CJ said...

Congrats on a job well done.

nlindabrit said...

You did a wonderful job! Now, how soon can you get here to do my garden?:)

Kitty said...

I love it! is it in your yard??