Friday, May 11, 2007

Today was HOT! Think middle of summer heat and you'll have an idea. Today also begins the countdown. We now have only TWO MORE DAYS of LOL school before summer break. While there are some things I'll miss--lots of uninterrupted time to write, or read or hide somewhere in the car where NO ONE knows where I am--I will not miss the drive.

It's not an awful drive usually. There is plenty of time to think or sing or pray or listen to the boys chatter. It's just that sometimes it is VERY VERY LONG. LIke the afternoon Miah fell asleep on the way home with the Alabama tape doing repeat on one song, "I'm in a Hurry and Don't Know Why." It played over and over and over --54 times. Why didn't I pull over somewhere and shut the darned thing off? Well, I was in a hurry and don't know why....

Check out to see my article in the May issue, "History without a Book." It's about Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum in Michigan. My friend, Maribeth, also has a cool article on George Washington.

Looks like I'm about to succumb to another writing contest. Found out I still have time to enter Smartwriters again. I printed out the entry form tonight.

Recently received my crits back for The Sandy Writing Contest. I sent two chapter of "The Cattle Rustling Catastrophe" and a one page synopsis. Got some great advice from one judge on the synopsis. I hadn't realized I left the ending open ended so it seemed Jenny didn't save the day. I was grateful to know it appeared that way to a reader. It helped to know the synopsis needed to be fixed for the contest AND I had a revelation about the ending. Hadn't quite figured it all out yet. So now I know I have to put the bull named Beau in MORE and SOONER.
After my last post on 8 random facts about me, I realized there was a LOT OF GOOD STUFF I didn't use! Wanted to play again and again and again. I've been driving down the road things--why didn't I write THAT? That's so cool.
Several people have also asked about the fried green tomatoes. Kaye says she gets some at a restaurant and I'd LOVE to try those! Mine are pretty much from scratch---yup, I actually grow the things and pick them off the vine. Some stores in this area do sell green tomatoes once in awhile but not often.
Here is a generic recipe--adjust to your taste.
Green tomatoes,
flour (any kind or corn meal)
oil (I prefer Olive but anything will do.)
Slice the tomatoes, dip them WET into the flour--add a bit of salt and pepper to your flour to taste), fry them in the oil. You can fry until just tender and a golden brown on the edges or do the burnt variety---almost blackened and limp as squash. I like them both.
My favorite food to eat with green tomatoes is cole slaw--they just compliment one another. Now I'm hungry!


CJ said...

I am so ready to be done with the school commute though the Eldest has informed me she wants to take two math courses at the community college this summer. So much for drive free.

Have never had fried green tomatoes. Not sure if I'm adventurous enough though they might make an interesting Parmagiana.

Erica Vetsch said...

I'm thinking I might try this recipe this summer. The MIL has always got TONS of tomatoes. She'd be just as happy if I took them green. :)