Friday, October 19, 2007


There might not be a picture with this post for one simple reason. I'm not sure about what I'm doing. :) The new look to my blog so far is thanks to my friend, Erica. She talked me though some of the technical details so I could change the template. I'm working on putting up a new picture but seem to be doing something wrong. My blog keeps telling me to SELECT AN IMAGE. Funny, I thought I did.

Had an early, early morning today. Miah needed to be at school by 8:45, a full hour and 45 minutes BEFORE normal. He had to meet the teacher for Endangered Species to go on a field trip to Green Acres. Since all I had to go on was a cryptic note in his homework planner--Oct. 19, 8:45, Fields Trip--I fervantly hoped someone would actually be there when we arrived. They were, even though we were five minutes late. Miah got his name tag and climbed aboard his teacher's SUV.

This was the second early morning for school this week. On Tuesday night, the boys house sat with Sister #1. She had to be at work early, so I had to meet her and the boys earlier still. We arranged a meeting at a gas station near the school. The trouble was, I seldom go in that direction and am not familiar with the road. Imagine my surprise when I made a LEFT turn out of the parking lot and realized you aren't allowed to make a LEFT TURN, only right. A giant berm blocked the road into the lane I needed to go. With no other choice, I switched to the turn lane (going in the wrong direction) and eased up past the berm. Thankfully, no policemen saw my mistake. What the other drivers thought I have no idea. No one blew any horns or cursed. Not where I could hear anyway! OOPS!

Today I kept one of my mini resolutions. After my writing stint, I forced myself out of the car and took a walk out of the school grounds. Across the street there is a retreat center with gardens, etc. I took a lovely walk through the pathways, saw some late blooming yellow and pink zinnias (particularly pretty against a damp, misty day), a greenhouse and a tiny coffee house tucked into the bottom of a meeting center. Next time, I'll bring money and go in for a cup. Here is a link if you'd like to see where my walk took me.

Are you thinking Christmas yet?? I'm already making my list! In our family, we pass around lists to take the guess work out of shopping. I happened to find a cool sweatshirt featuring the Dionne Quints. That's going on my list for sure! Along with Season Two of "The Big Valley." I'm hoping to add a picture of the Quints to this blog---if you see it, I've succeeded. If not, back to work . . . .


CJ said...

Christmas? The next holy day of obligation is Thanksgiving. Let's get through that one first! (-;

nlindabrit said...

I have begun to think about Christmas, but only to the point of inviting the usual set of house-guests. We have to actually issue the invitations in order to motivate ourselves enough to clean house for them:)

The fun part is going to be explaining to Barkley that while the guests are here, his room is their room!