Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Small Victories

Since nothing truly big has been happening in my life the past few weeks (except for a monster cold that doesn't want to leave,) I decided to focus on some small victories. Might as well celebrate the small and hope for better things ahead.

1. I wrote an email and said "no" to serving on a refreshment committee on Sundays.

2. Decided to go for it and start my agent blitz again. I have two and a half books that are complete. None of them are doing any good sitting on a shelf. Aimed for the top agents in the business. Yesterday, I got a very nice email back from the one I wanted SO MUCH. The agent couldn't use my book, but he wrote the nicest rejection I've ever got. (Well, second nicest.) I hope it's not bad etiquette, but I sent him a thank you.

3. Decided not to let any rejections get me down. It only takes one yes. I'm scrolling out the agents and marking my next targets. Have also decided to change my query letter. I think I'm my own worst enemy by trying to pitch a series. One book at a time is best for now.

4. Another short story is on the October Fandangle online magazine. "The Teeth in 4B." Semi-scary for the season but with a message for all of us who were once metal mouths.

5. I won a slot in Linda Jo Martin's Perspective in Writing blog to be interviewed. If there is anyone who reads this that I HAVEN'T told---LOL--I'll be glad to supply a link.

6. Someone told me that you can now read a full year of "Cookies and Milk" on the http://www.timesgazette.com/ archives.

7. I cleaned my room - most of the way.

8. After having falling out of the habit, I got up this morning and did ten minutes of power walking. I'm making another resolution to use half an hour on school days walking around the circular drive at the school. Tomorrow will put this to the test.

9. I decided to take some time for myself and have been watching an episode of "Perry Mason" almost every night. Except for the night when I watch "Jon and Kate Plus 8."

10. I updated my blog without being tagged. :)


Erica Vetsch said...

Good on you. Quite a list of accomplishments.

CJ said...

Good for you.

nlindabrit said...

Good luck with the agents! Tom and I have our fingers crossed for you and Barkley has all his spots crossed:)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck from me too, Donna!