Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hmmmmm--for some reason my blog has stopped allowing me to post pictures. Will have to figure this out somehow.

Not much activity here. We started back to Leaves yesterday after our Thanksgiving break. For various reasons, we were 45 minutes late for class. So - okay - it takes me awhile to get back in the groove!
Have been feeling kind of icky anyway.

I am slowly working through the edits on Cattle Rustler. Hoping to have it finished by the end of December. We shall see - Christmas and all the preparations for that will be in there somewhere.

Got the assignment for the Drummer boy article! Need to send out a couple more queries this week. I'm setting a goal to send out ten a month - unless I get so many assignments it would be foolhardy to add more work to my list.

We got our first spitting snowfall. It didn't last but it looked ominous. Funny, I'm not a fan of snow but I love anything snowman. Am drinking a nice hot cup of tea out of a snowman mug right now. Mmmmmmmmmm....


Judy said...

I can barely get one query done in six months--and you're going for ten in a month? I hope they all come back positive, and you stay so busy you can't stop to count your $$$! Good for you!

nlindabrit said...

As always, you humble me with your industry! Best of luck with the queries. I do hope that nasty snow leaves you alone! We have, unusually for us, had early snow here in Britain too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna. A cup of hot tea...mmmmm, sounds cozy. Out here in the desert it's 65 degrees and I'm in jeans and a long sleeved shirt thinking it's cold outside. Crazy, huh?

Have a great day, Donna!

Anonymous said...

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