Sunday, December 28, 2008

If it works, there will be a picture from Thanksgiving on here. We shall see. . .

Hope everyone had a happy and merry Christmas. Mine whizzed by much too fast once I got into the holiday spirit. Had some trouble with the Christmas tree at first. It had been so cold that we opted not to cut one down but went to Lowe's instead. They had three measly trees left, dropping needles but we went ahead and picked one against my better judgement. Dad tried to put it up for me but we ran into another problem - the stand was too small.

Bought another stand and then ran into problem number two - the tree had a crooked trunk and had no intention of standing in the stand. Dad gave it a valiant effort, even building a wooden frame to hold the tree in the stand - but it still had a tipsy appearance.

Since I'd wanted a fresh tree anyway, I asked Sister #2 and her hubby to cut one down. They found a beautifully shaped tree. I'll have to post some pictures because it's one of the prettiest trees we've had in years. The red icicles weren't my idea but one has to make concessions. . .LOL!

Christmas week ended up being brisk, breezy and actually quite warm. We hit 70 degrees the day after the holiday!! It's supposed to get cold again though so I'm not hoping for a return of winter/spring.

Got back into the writing groove on Saturday. Sent out worksheets, sent out articles for the student newspaper at church, worked on a first draft for another writing job and sent off a first chapter to a literary agency offering a query holiday. Today I managed to do a bit more. Tomorrow I have to dive back into my many projects and decide what I want to work on first. Finishing Cattle Rustler for good seems a possibility.

Have been reading some books on plotting before writing. While it seems it might help some, I can't say that it's always foolproof. I can remember sitting down and doing a storyboard for Cattle Rustler. Had the whole thing planned out - knew exactly what would happen, when it should happen and how it would end. The problem was that after I wrote it that way I realized I'd rewritten the same book as my first Jenny. So, back to the computer - had to redo the ending. Once I realized that, I realized I had to rewrite more. Then I sent that version out to my new crit partners who made more suggestions. Realized I needed to rewrite the beginning so I did. Once I did that, I decided the new ending didn't work because there was no motivation for Jenny to get into the trouble she did.

So. . .I think I have it this time and I'm writing it for the last time. However it turns out, it does.

I'm also looking at a couple of contests for my adult manuscripts. Really need some feedback on my horse book and Stepmother. So that should take care of January!


nlindabrit said...

LOL! Even reading about your hectic schedule makes me tired! I think I'll have a lie-down:) Good luck with all your project, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Great picture. Your schedule IS hectic, Nlindabrit is right. LOL

Hope your Christmas was bless, Donna.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a pain your first Christmas tree turned out to be! I'm glad you got a second one.

The pic below with all the kids is adorable.

Judy said...

At least you put up a tree--I didn't even bother this year! Glad you had a pretty one, also that you got so much accomplished. If you need some quick reads, let me know!