Friday, December 19, 2008

Just a test to see if the photo upload is STILL working. I think I have everything on my pc working RIGHT now. It's a great feeling. Right now, I need all the great feelings I can crumble together - especially in light of a defunct cookie press, a tipsy Christmas tree, a zillion pre-Christmas things to do and the fact that I've spent more time trying to get my pc in shape than working at Christmas prep. Ah, well -
This is a photo of my dad with some of his great-grandchildren at a September wedding. We have Samantha, Kris, Stephanie, Taylor, Dad, Mariah, Austin, Emma, Drew, Braedon, Mackenzie and Hayleigh in front with the doll.


nlindabrit said...

What a wonderful multi-generational photo, Donna! Good luck with all the Christmas prep! I know you are always a very busy lady!

Leona said...

It works! What a great looking family Donna! And yeah, Christmas is happening so fast...yikes..are we ready yet? Merry Christmas my friend!

Anonymous said...

Great picture.

Merry Christmas, Donna!