Saturday, December 06, 2008

Whoa! Well, clearly I have solved the photo upload problem. Thanks, Leona for the suggestions! This is also clearly not the Thanksgiving mug shot --LOL! These little cuties are the Dionne Quintuplets and they are dressed very appropriately for today's snowy weather. I've long been a quint collector and wish I had this postcard in my collection - sigh.

Last night I tried several things and ended up with both my emails not working. My MSN account would open the emails, but not let me reply. So I went to my Hotmail account which is really the same thing but opens on a different page. Go figure. I really love the Hotmail account better as it has emoticons, colors and is easier to use. For some reason while I was on the photo upload fix, the Hotmail stopped opening the email. So I could open and read on MSN, but not reply. I could not open or reply on Hotmail. This morning it fixed by angel power, I'm sure. There is no other explanation.

This week has been hard from a computer angle. My worksheet batch got scambled and refused to open at my editor's end. I tried five times to resend. He kept emailing back - nope, not right yet. My plan had been to download MSWORD on here anyway and go to that almost exclusively. (Even though I do like Word Perfect.) So, had to download word, retype the worksheets into word (only three as I had already downloaded word on the laptop and written some on that.) Then, send them in and wait. Sure was relieved on Friday to get an email - they look fine now! Whew!! Got paid later that day Praise God.

With all that, I didn't get to do much fiction writing. Am rethinking part of Cattle Rustler now and will probably work this week at rewritting those chapters. Am not sure what that will do for my plan to have the book in final form by the end of the year. :(

Managed to read part of one of the Kentucky Derby books yesterday after the spinning class. To my surprise, I discovered that the man who started the race --Clark committed suicide on my birthdate a hundred and forty three years before I was born. Very strange coincidence.

Time to get a ride next door to watch White Christmas, one of my favorite Christmas movies.


Judy said...

Glad Leona could help with the picture problem--she's good! And hope the computer problems will be solved soon--know that must be frustrating beyond belief!!

nlindabrit said...

Wow, isn't that spooky about the man who started the race? It is an omen that you are going to write a stellar story!

Anonymous said...

HI Donna. Glad you're getting back online...computers are fun, aren't they? Ugh. **smile**

Hope you had fun at the Movie. I like White Christmas as well.